Say This Miraculous Prayer to Saint Homobonus for Success in Business

In this very economic and competitive world, it is nearly impossible to survive as an adult without either owning your own business or working in an establishment owned by someone else; the primary goal is to earn enough money to put food on the table for yourself and your loved ones. See Powerful prayer for the hungry when you’re in need of food. With employees, they have much less to worry about as all they’re required to do is contribute their own share of labour for the growth of the company. But as a business owner, the task is tenfold higher as you have to ensure the growth of your company by regulating it’s affairs, pumping in  financial resources needed, ensuring that all areas within your establishment are very productive and much more. Where the major task lies is in the growth of your business. Also see Prayer To Our Lady of Good Success for success in your business.

So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy” (Romans 9:16). You might do all that needs to be done, tie up all loose ends, employ qualified staff, make the financial resources much available, produce quality services and all. However, God is the one who gives growth to businesses. You can see proof of that with Abraham and his nephew Lot, where Lot had picked the land with milk and honey while Abraham had picked the less fertile one but sooner, Lot lost everything and on the other hand, God blessed Abraham’s land richly (Gen 13). Read 25 Groundbreaking Prayers for Favour and Breakthrough .  You see, when you do the natural, your results would be natural but when you do the supernatural, what do you expect? Supernatural results of course! Prayer is our means of calling God to bless our businesses. Prayer is the master key. Read also How To Pray And Get Exactly What You Ask For .

This prayer to St. Homobonus is said by business owners for growth in their businesses. If you have certain problems in your business, you should say this prayer too. St. Homobonus is the Patron Saint of business people. He was a wealthy businessman who after inheriting his father’s cloth making business, grew the business even more with his intelligence and became more successful. Also see Prayer to St Joseph the Worker for Success.  He became so wealthy that at 50 years of age, he had made enough money to last him that he retired. He was most popular and cherished among people of his community in Cremona for his great generosity. He was a zealous Christian too. So great was his generosity and devotedness that merely fourteen months after his death on November 13, 1197, Pope Innocent III canonized him as saint. What amazed people most was that despite giving out so freely, he only got more and more richer. This is why he is depicted in pictures, holding a money bag. With faith, call on St. Homobonus to help you succeed in your business like he did. Say this prayer:

“Beloved and Charitable St. Homobonus Your Honesty and Good Will served your community and the Lord well. Help me follow your example and not give in to

Temptations of Greed and Easy Shortcuts that wound others. 

I ask for guidance in my work, so that I may prosper by choosing virtue over avarice. Amen”.

Faith and work go hand in hand, without prayer, work is futile and vice versa (James 26). So you should always put God first in all your business related decisions and watch Him pour down His blessings on your business. 

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