Prayer for Business Owners

Do not skip if you’re a business owner! 10 powerful prayers to say for your business!

Prayers play a huge role in everything we do; our spiritual growth, personal lives, health, academics, even businesses! It plays such a major role that it can even transform a crumbled business and make it bounce! Prayer taps into the spiritual, connecting it to the physical, causing a divine change. So, while thinking up that business plan, do not make the mistake of thinking prayers are not necessary.

Here is a list of ten incredibly powerful prayers to say for the growth of your business:

1. Prayer For Business Success

“Dear Lord,
I ask for your graceful guidance as I build and grow this business. I put my trust in your hands that you will bless my business, my suppliers, my customers, and my employees. I pray that you protect this enterprise and the investments I’ve put into it.
I ask that you lead me, guide me, and advise me. May my journey be generous, fruitful, and successful, today and always.
I pray to you with all that I am and all that I hold.

2. Prayer For A New Business

“Dear Lord,
My business is my passion and I put my success entirely in your hands. I ask that you help me run it efficiently, and with the wisdom to recognize and accept the changes that await me. I know you will speak to me when I’m lost and give me comfort when there are trials. Please grant me the knowledge for the things I don’t know and help me serve my customers and clients with a heart like yours.
I will shine Your light in all that I do and make sure my customers feel it whenever they interact with me and my business. Help me stand by my faith and values in my business in all situations and tribulations.
In Your Name I pray.

3. Prayer For Making Big Business Decisions

“Dear Lord,
I ask you to guide our hearts in the right direction as I make important business decisions. I give into your hands this business and all that I have put into it. I have complete faith in you and trust that you will lead me to make the best decisions for this business and give me the wisdom to trust they are the right ones for me.
In Your Name I pray,

4. Prayer For Prosperous Business

“Dear Heavenly Father, in Your Name I pray.
I am grateful to you for granting me the grace, wisdom, and means to run this business.
I have faith in your guidance as I ask you to give me the strength to work hard and make my business prosperous and abundant. I know you will reveal new opportunities and areas for expansion and development. Bless this business, and help it grow, flourish, and create great livelihood and growth for all those involved.

5. Prayer For Business Growth

“Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your unconditional love and guidance in all matters of business and life. I ask that you lead me to the opportunities that will bring me prosperity and success. I open my mind and heart to receive your wisdom and the love and energy I need to follow your signs and instructions.
I ask that you make my path clear and lead me through tough times so I can learn to make the right decisions. I look to you to open the doors of opportunity, success, growth, prosperity, and wisdom to love and appreciate your plan for this business.

6. Prayer for business (prayer for the director of the business or for someone who is self-employed)

Lord, I give you all that I am,
All that I hold.
I ask for your guidance as I build and shape this business.
I trust that you will bless the work of my hands.
I pray that you would cover this enterprise and cover my investments.
I believe in your leadership that you will guide me and advise me.
Come and envision me.
May this venture be full of integrity, generosity, fruitfulness and provision.
I give you all that I am,
And all that I hold,
My Lord,

7. A meeting prayer (a prayer suitable for directors of a meeting)

Lord, you have entrusted us as stewards of your creation
Please guide our hearts as we make our decisions
We seek you first in all we do together
We give you our business, our suppliers, our customers and our workforce
May we be always mindful of their service
We confess that we are nothing without you
And our trust is in you completely

8. Short prayer for business success

Lord God,
Thank you for the opportunity to run this business.
I trust in your wisdom as I seek to work hard to make it secure and prosperous.
May good practice be the cornerstone of everything I do.
Come reveal new openings and areas for expansion and development.
May this business grow and flourish, creating great opportunity and provision for all those involved.
In the name of Jesus,

9. Prayer for business growth

Father, you are the foundation stone on which I build this business.
You are my God, the wonderful creator of everything that I am and all that I see.
I ask for a blessing on the work of my hands.
May the reign of your kingdom be extended in this company.
I desire for you to be involved in every area of it.
Blow upon this venture and fill it with your mighty presence.
Come direct, shape, mould and take it so that it can be excellent for you.
May it be a source of great blessing and goodness to those whom it serves.
I ask this in the name of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

10. Bless the Workplace

Bless my workplace. I declare success in business today. Let my business be of great service to others, flourishing through decency, honesty and respect for my colleagues and customers.
May I be strong and courageous, making wise decisions guided by the Holy Spirit, and not terrified or discouraged.
Grant me wisdom and calm so that I can rightly access every situation and bring peace and productivity to the work environment.

“The Lord will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty, to send rain on your land in season and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none (Deut 28:12). God has always fulfilled this promise. Now that you have said the prayers, hold God by His word and you would see things turning around for good.

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