Very Important Communion Prayers for Catholics

Communion Prayer – 1

Absolute and all knowing God,
Nothing is hidden from Your sight.
In the prescience since the beginning,
All knowledge existed within You.
Kindly share Your knowledge with me,
Making me aware of what is meant to be,
Permitting my soul to understand it,
And wisdom to agree with its outcome.
Provide me with the gift of discretion,
To prudently apply received knowledge,
To ensure the fulfillment of Your Will.
Your knowledge shines forth forever!

Communion Prayer – 2

I have reached the inner vision
and through Thy spirit in me
I have heard Thy wondrous secret.
Through Thy mystic insight
Thou hast caused a spring of knowledge
to well up within me,
a fountain of power,
pouring forth living waters,
a flood of love
and of all-embracing wisdom
like the splendor of eternal Light.
In Thy Mercy
Father, God, in Thy mercy, in Thy love,
Be Thou with us now.
For we know and we speak of Thy love.
And help us then to put away, for the hour,
The cares of this life; that we may know in truth
That the spirit and the lamb say, “Come.”
Let them that hear also say, “Come.”
Let all that will, come and drink of the water of life.
Our Father, Our God
Our Father, our God, in my own consciousness
Let me find happiness in the love of Thee,
For the love I bear toward my fellowman.
Let my life, my words, my deeds, bring the joy
And happiness of the Lord in Jesus to each I meet,
Day by day.

Communion Prayer – 3

I desire, O my Saviour,
humbly to offer Thee the sacrifice of a troubled spirit
and a contrite heart.
I grieve from my inmost heart
that I have ever offended Thee by my sins,
Thee my God and my chief good,
Thee who art so gracious to me,
and so oft refreshed me in Thy Blessed Sacrament.
I grieve especially for the sins of
[name(s) of the person(s)]
which Thou knowest,
Thou searcher of our hearts,
and which I, a miserable sinner,
do confess in the bitterness of my soul.
Would that I had never offended Thee!
Yet a contrite and humble heart, O God,
Thou wilt not despise;
Thou who for love of us didst give to us
Thine Only-Begotten Son,
to wash us from our sins in His own Blood.

Communion Prayer – 4

My good Jesus,
I believe with a firm and lively faith
that in this adorable sacrament are Thy body and blood,
soul and divinity.
I believe that in this consecrated Host
I shall receive that same body
which was born of the most pure Virgin Mary in Bethlehem,
which suffered so many pains and torments for love of me
on the Way of the Cross and on Calvary,
and which rose gloriously the third day from the dead.
I believe that I shall receive God Himself.

I adore Thee, O my God, as my Creator,
my Preserver, my Redeemer, and my Judge,
truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

Divine Host, I adore Thee
with the angels who fill the sanctuary
and hover over the tabernacle
as they hovered over the cave of Bethlehem in the Holy
I adore Thee, my God,
with the Blessed Virgin,
and in union with all the saints.

Lord and Master of the universe,
Who hast fixed Thy dwelling amongst men,
I adore Thee with profound gratitude.
O my Jesus, bless this temple wherein Thou residest,
but still more the heart that I offer Thee
as a living abode and place of rest.
Deign ever to inhabit it by Thy grace and Thy love,
and may my sins never banish Thee from it! Lord,
I have a firm faith,
but do Thou strengthen my faith,
and animate it so that it may produce in my soul
deeper sentiments of adoration and love.

Good Lord, increase my faith that I may love Thee more, and be more generous in my sacrifices for love of Thee and for the love of my neighbours.

Communion Prayer – 5

O Jesus, my God!
Thou art infinite in all perfections;
and I am but dust,
and unto dust shall I return.
Depart from me, O Lord,
for I am a sinful man.
Yet, O my sweet Jesus,
if Thou leavest me,
to whom shall I go?
What will become of me?
Rather will I say,
“Stay with me, Lord;
abide always within my heart;
and may my heart make ever sacrifice for Thee.”.

Communion Prayer – 6

Jesus, my Lord,
I confess that I am a sinner.
But in Thy goodness
Thou dost invite me to approach Thy Holy Table
and to partake of Thy heavenly Banquet.
Trusting in Thy mercy I come to Thee with confidence,
albeit with it a contrite and humble heart.
Lord, I am not worthy that Thou shouldest enter under my
but say only the word,
and my Soul shall be healed.
Come to me, Jesus, come to me,
and keep me in Thy love
and Thy grace forevermore.

Communion Prayer – 7

O Jesus, merciful Saviour,
relying on Thy infinite goodness,
I hope to obtain through this holy communion
all the graces of which I stand in need
for my greater sanctification and eternal salvation.

Begging Thy pardon for all the transgressions of my past
I first of all beseech Thee
to give me the grace that I may never again fall into any
mortal sin.
I would rather be dead than live a moment
without Thy grace and Thy love.
But Thou, O Lord, knowest how weak I am
and how prone to evil.
Do Thou strengthen me by Thy grace
that I may be faithful in doing Thy will.
Thou canst heal all the evils of my soul
since Thou art its true Physician,
who givest me Thy body and blood
in this Blessed Sacrament as a sovereign medicine for all
my infirmities.

Dispel the darkness of ignorance
from my understanding by Thy heavenly light;
banish the corruption and malice of my will
by the fire of Thy divine love;
subdue in me all evil passions
and help me especially to overcome my predominant fault;
stand by me in all temptations of the devil,
the world, and the flesh,
that I may not fall into their snares.

Increase my faith,
and grant that in my daily life
I may be guided by Thy example
and the maxims of Thy holy Gospel.

Teach me to be poor in spirit;
to place no value upon the world’s transitory pleasures
and honours;
to be meek and humble of heart
and in patience to possess my soul;
to love Thee more and more
and to walk always in Thy presence;
to be kind and generous to my neighbour;
to strive earnestly to advance every day in holiness and

May Thy holy will be accomplished in me.
Grant me, above all, the grace of final perseverance;
that I may become a saint.

O Mary, immaculate Mother of God!
All ye angels and saints of heaven!
Unite your prayers with mine
as you stand before the throne of Divine grace,
and, above all, pray that I may be united with you in
praising and enjoying God for all eternity.

Communion Prayer – 8

O Lord, since I am Thy servant
and the son of Thy handmaid,
I renounce the devil and all his works and pomps;
all the vanity of this wicked world,
and all the sinful lusts of the flesh.
Thou alone art the God of my heart;
Thou, O God, art my portion for ever.
Thou art the portion of my inheritance
and and of my cup.
Thou art He that will restore my inheritance unto me.
Do Thou therefore take for Thine own all the powers of my
my memory my intellect,
and my will all that I am,
and all that I have,
Thou hast bestowed upon me:
therefore I give back all to Thee,
and surrender it to be wholly governed
by Thy sovereign will.
Grant me by grace to love Thee alone,
and I am rich enough and ask no more.

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