25 Prayers for Marriage Restoration

God calls on us to rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, and be constant in prayer. These are great prayers to help you pray for healing, reconciliation, and unity in your marriage.

1. Eyes on God Prayer

Dear Lord, Miracle Worker, I come to You in despair because my marriage right now is in a storm, with waves crashing around me at all sides. I am afraid that my marriage is going to be destroyed, and I need Your divine intervention to quiet the sea of my marriage. Lord, just as You told that wind to be still, please bring peace and understanding to my marriage. Cover us with understanding, love, and the spirit of reconciliation as we work toward repair the harm that has been done. Father, by faith, I pray that the wind will stop and there will be a great calm over our marriage, in Jesus’s name. Amen.

2. Prayer for God’s Strength

Almighty God, help us to be strong in You. We know that we can do nothing by ourselves. We pray that You heal our marriage and restore our union with each other. We praise Your holy name because we are Your children and know that You are protecting us. We know You want what is best for us, and that You want our bond to be unbreakable. Crush every enemy, sin, Satan and worldly force who is trying to destroy our marital bond. Cast down these dividing spirits, in Jesus’s name, because our marriage has been ordained by God as an example of unity according to the will and purpose of the Lord, our Creator. Amen.

3. Prayer to Love and Bless My Spouse

Lord, our Savior, we thank You for this holy matrimony. We praise Your holy name that in this season of our spiritual warfare, You have been our rock and shield. Lord, teach us how to be patient in tribulation. Teach us how to hear You and follow Your guidance. Teach us how to treat each other as You would, dear Lord. Please make a way in the wilderness. We know and trust that with You all things are possible. You are God of impossibilities. We come to You and please for Your grace upon this marriage, dear Lord. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

4. Prayer to Break the Cord of Destruction

Jesus, our Great Healer, please break the chord of destruction over my marriage, in Jesus’s name. I pray against the spirit of strife, confusion, and discord. Let the spirit of Jezebel be destroyed and let the blood of Jesus prevail over us. Let the spirit of tender-heartedness be released. Cast down the spirits of malice, hatred, and unkindness. We put our marriage in Your hands, dear Jesus. In the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

5. Prayer for God’s Hand

Abba, Father, the Highest God, there is none that compares to You. In my distress, I call out to You because my marriage is falling apart. Father, just as You stretched out Your hand against Judah and against the inhabitants of Jerusalem, please stretch out Your loving hand to restore my marriage. Please do not allow it to become empty and dead. Give it life, love, and strength. Crush the plans of the Devil to tear apart what You have joined together. In Jesus’s name. Amen.

6. Prayer to Honor Marital Fidelity

Heavenly Father, I come before You to request that You bring restoration to the bond where You have joined us together as husband and wife. We pray against “marriage breaking spirits” and those negative forces that try to destroy marital intimacy between husband and wife. Please help our bond be undefiled, in Jesus’s name. Keep us true to each other, and help us keep our holy matrimony honorable. We thank You for restoration, Amen.

7. One Flesh Prayer

Compassionate Father, You said, “from the beginning of creation You made them male and female and it is for this reason, that a man shall leave his father and mother and shall cleave to this wife and the two shall become one flesh.” We pray to You to strengthen our marital bond. Please help us keep the love alive, and the communication strong. Soften our hearts so they are open to each other. Impart on us the spirit of forgiveness, love, and care one for another. We pray for Your help in standing against those things that come to hinder, wreck, or devastate our marriage. We claim restoration in Jesus’s name. Amen.

8. Prayer Against the Spirit of Anger

God, my Stronghold, we have both permitted the spirit of anger to tear our relationship into shreds. We have allowed the adversary to gain a foothold. But now, Lord, I’m taking it back. I’m taking my marriage back. In the mighty name of Jesus – that name above all names – I command this foul spirit of anger to leave both of us right now. May the peace that surpasses all understanding pervade our hearts and minds. May we enter into a season of refreshment in Your Holy Spirit where all things are new. Amen.

9. Defeating the Roaring Lion Prayer

True God, we have let our guard down and allowed the adversary to devour our marriage like a roaring lion. We have allowed pride and criticism and lack of appreciation to erode our relationship until it has turned into a landslide of hurt and hate. We bring our great need for restoration of our marriage to You, for You are far above all powers and dominion. In Your power, we unite to defeat this roaring lion and recover our love. Amen.

10. Prayer Against Evil Intrusion

Loving God, empower us to restore the shambles of this marriage by treating each other with the dignity, love, and kindness that You have displayed toward us. May our love be sincere. In the name of Jesus, we reject any evil intrusion into our marriage and cling to all that is good. May we be devoted to each other and outdo each other in acts and words of kindness. We are joyful in the hope that this marriage will turn around. Help us to be patient and persistent. Amen.

11. Prayer for Mutual Respect

True God, we come to You seeking restoration of our marriage. Your Holy Spirit has convicted us of our failure to respect each other. We have been rude to each other and have failed to hold each other in high esteem. We repent and ask Your forgiveness and the forgiveness of one another. We covenant now to treat each other with mutual respect. Help each of us to speak to the other in a considerate way, to consult the other for decisions, and to seek to meet the needs and desires of our spouse. Amen.

12. Prayer to Find a Good Counselor

God, our Provider, we are having deep trouble in our marriage. Even though all seems hopeless, we seek Your empowerment in rescuing this relationship. May Your Spirit guide us to a godly marriage therapist who will counsel us with Your wisdom, from Your word, and with keen insight. May he or she help us get to the bottom of these problems that are tearing us apart and guide us toward the right path. Thank You even now for providing what we need. Amen.

13. Discussing What Went Wrong Prayer

God of love and peace, my spouse and I have drifted apart until we’ve become more like roommates than lovers. Lord, rekindle that spark and restore that passion we once had. May Your Spirit come alongside us and give us insight into our shortcomings. Empower us to discuss what went wrong in a productive way, so we can make it right – with each other and with You. Defeat these feelings of hurt or defensiveness and assist us to be humble and honest. Point out the steps we need to take for restoration. Amen.

14. Better than Before Prayer

Lord, my Strength, I speak life into this dying marriage. This may seem impossible from a human perspective, but with You, all things are possible. I ask that You turn this situation around, for Your honor and glory. Restore all that has been lost so that our relationship is even better than it ever was before. Convict us of our sins against each other and against You. Help us to forgive each other just as You forgave us. May You be honored and glorified in this marriage as we rise from the ashes. Amen.

15. Prayer to Love as Christ Loved

Lord God, our love for each other has grown cold. We have allowed distractions and sin to separate us. But we are determined that the schemes of Satan shall no longer deceive us and devastate our marriage. Holy Spirit, empower us to love as Christ loved us when He laid down His life. Replace our stony, stubborn hearts with tenderness and responsiveness. Work Your mighty strength within us so that we are not crushed but revived. Amen.

16. Identifying Problem Behaviors Prayer

Lord of righteousness, I desperately want this marriage to be put back together so that it represents the love between You and the church. I confess I have been blaming my spouse for all our problems without focusing on my own insufficiencies. Holy Spirit, shine a spotlight on my behaviors and attitudes that have driven this marriage apart. Help me to be quick to confess them to You and to my spouse, and to seek forgiveness and renewal. Amen.

17. Prayer for Mind of Christ

Lord of peace, we desire to exchange our minds of bitterness and division for the mind of Christ. Make us humble toward You and one another. May we be like-minded, loving, and united in Your Holy Spirit and purpose. Help our actions to not be motivated by pride or selfishness, but in humility, consider the other as more important than ourselves. Help us look after the interests of our loved one as well as our own. Heal our broken marriage and heal our spirits. Amen.

18. Prayer for Spirit-led Conversations

Righteous One, I confess that my conversations with my spouse have been controlled by the adversary rather than Your Spirit. I repent and ask that You deliver me from this spirit of hurtfulness. Lord, we need Your miracle intervention to save this marriage. Help us each to submit to You so that our conversations are Spirit-led and bring healing rather than further damage. I pray for the surpassing greatness of Your power to bring restoration of all the areas in our marriage we have permitted the evil one to destroy. Amen.

19. Resisting the Enemy Prayer

O God, our Rock, the enemy has been attacking our marriage, bringing strong temptation to sin against each other and against You. In the name of Jesus, we resist him and determine to stand firm in our faith and fight for our marriage. We are thankful that everything is under Your feet and that we can be victorious in our relationship. We place You as the head of our home – please teach us and guide us and make us tender to Your leading. Amen.

20. The Battle Belongs to the Lord Prayer

Father, Upholder of my life, I am weary in my struggle to save my marriage. I give this over to You, for the battle belongs to the Lord. With Your heavenly armor, I’ll regain the territory that has been lost. No weapon formed against our relationship will stand, for I call on Your power and strength to defeat the negativity, nagging, and sarcasm that are wounding our love. Holy Spirit, help us nurture affirmation and encouragement instead. Remind us of the power of our words to tear down or to build up. Amen.

21. Healing the Wounds Prayer

Living God, our marriage is going through tensions and pain. Our passion is worn down by the daily grind of responsibilities. May Your Holy Spirit empower us with the patience and perseverance to overcome. Help us to be strong in You, Lord, and in Your mighty power to heal the wounds that have been inflicted. Assist us to be intentional in demonstrating basic kindness and courtesy. Remind us to stop taking each other for granted but to cherish each other and communicate our affection for each other. Amen.

22. Knocking down Strongholds Prayer

My God and my King, I call out Your mighty power to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning. I confess that I have rationalized and excused my behavior toward my spouse. May I be forgiven for the wrongs I have inflicted and assist me in forgiving the hurts I have endured. Help us to start over with our marriage and start doing things that show how much we value the other. Help us to change toxic attitudes and communication patterns. Amen.

23. Prayer Against the Spiritual Forces of Evil

Jesus, righteous One, in Your name, we come against the spiritual forces of evil that have been harming our marriage. We call on the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome sin and bad habits and to rebuild our marriage into what You want it to be. Help us deal with problems and conflict in a healthy, mature, and godly way. Empower us to love unconditionally and accept each other fully. Assist us in recognizing and celebrating each other’s worth. Amen.

24. Lead Us in Love Prayer

God of hope, even though our marriage seems hopeless, I thank You that we can have the abundant life You came to give. I lift my eyes up to You in hope. Lead me in this effort to restore our relationship. Show me how to love my spouse in a meaningful way, and to put aside controlling, demanding, and manipulative behaviors. Help me examine my own part in our problems and to become a better spouse. Assist me in releasing dysfunctional ways of thinking and behaving. Bring victory to our marriage. Amen.

25. Power to Prevail Prayer

God our Helper, we ask for Your power to prevail over bitterness, anger, harsh words, and other destructive behaviors. Free us from the tyranny of resentment. Empower us to be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as You have forgiven us. May Your Holy Spirit give us the power to accomplish what our faith prompts us to do. Help us to listen, empathize, and acknowledge the feelings of the other. Help us consistently remember to give of ourselves to meet the other’s needs. Amen.

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