If You’re In Danger, You Must Say This Prayer To St. Expedite Now!

As humans, it is impossible to avoid harm all through our lives. No human fully knows what could happen the next second hence, we might not be able to foretell that something harmful around us is about to happen. Although, predictions are often made by experts in different fields for instance, Scientists predicting that a rock from space is going to collide with the earth or a doctor predicting when a pregnant woman would be due to give birth or when a cancer patient would die or even a meteorologist (weather expert) predicting when a hurricane, tornado or storm would occur. If you’re experiencing a natural disaster,  also see Prayer During Natural Disasters  

All these are done by experts and are oftentimes, true. However, not always. Sometimes, staying out of harm’s way is beyond our control. Accidents, thefts, kidnaps, killings are often beyond our contact. Hence, it is only God who can save us when no man can (Bible verse). This is why prayer is the key to us being saved anytime. You can also read 4 Reasons Why The Blessed Mary Wants You To Say The Rosary Everyday.   Whatever situation you’re in right now, just take it up to God in prayer.

St. Expedite is the Patron Saint of Urgent matters. He is also the Patron Saint of Procrastination. He was a Roman soldier who decided to convert to Christianity. Despite the temptation of the Devil for him to postpone his conversion to the next day, Expedite firmly insisted that he was going to be converted on that very day. And he did! People call for his intercession in urgent situations like near-death situations, financial difficulties, employees issues, pregnancy labour and a lot of miracles have happened. 

Say this prayer:

“St. Expedite you are a role model. You sacrificed your life for Christ, the persecutions did not stop the continuous flow of your prayers nor did they weaken your faith in our Lord. You adored God faithfully. Please intercede on my behalf to the Lord our God, that my prayer rises to meet you and you hear my plea.

St. Expedite, I have confidence in you, I ask that you intervene quickly as my request is urgent. Be my guide and my protector against those who would harm me, against the demons surrounding me. I ask also for the courage to wait and resist, please reinforce my faith. 

Through your merits and confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ, obtain for me the greatest grace and indulgence that my life be less difficult. Over the centuries, you have obtained many favors for those who have prayed to you.

(State your intentions to him here)

Saint Expedite, by the merits of your faith, your saint martyr, and your immense courage, appeal to our Lord in my favor. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen”.

“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit, be with you all” (2 Corinth 13:14). Take courage, be strong for the Lord with you and has taken control already!

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