St. Expedite’s Miracle Prayer That Works Faster Than Anything Else!

Are You Looking for Money or other Valuables? Call on St. Expedite to help you Find it!

You might have lost something very valuable to you; could be money, an important document, a precious jewelry, a really valuable property or it could even have been stolen by a thief. Whatever it may be that has kept you worrying and racking your head over, take it up to God now. For special requests, see Prayer For Special Requests . Yes, a lot of us Christians have this really intense and far too high image of God in our minds… that’s why we really don’t have an intimate relationship with Him and that’s why we feel certain requests are too low to be brought before God. But why then, do we call Him “Father”? That’s because He’s much more than just “God” to us, He’s our Father also. So, why do we feel we can’t make certain requests (that are harmless anyways) to Him? Or do we probably just feel He would ignore such trivial requests? This should answer that question: (Bible verse on if a child asks his father for fish…). Whatever it is that you’re direly looking for, pray to God to help you find it. To know the best way to pray, read How To Pray And Get Exactly What You Ask For .

This prayer to St. Expedite implores him to help in financial crisis. St. Expedite is the Patron Saint of Urgent matters. He is also the Patron Saint of Procrastination. He was a Roman soldier who decided to convert to Christianity. Despite the temptation of the Devil for him to postpone his conversion to the next day, Expedite firmly insisted that he was going to be converted on that very day. And he did! People call for his intercession in urgent situations like near-death situations, financial difficulties, employees issues, pregnancy labour and a lot of miracles have happened. 

Say this prayer now:

“I ask you, Saint Expedite, to aid me in my financial difficulties. Let your strength and support protect my income and help me obtain enough money so that I will not suffer need and want.

Please let peace and enjoyment reign in my household. I ask you and pray that my wishes be granted, and glorify your intercession. Amen”

Now you’ve said this prayer, keep repeating it as you wait for your Miraculous intervention. And always remember to take anything that might be bothering you to God, our Father.

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