A Miraculous Prayer to St Expedite, Helper in Urgent Situations

Are you in a state of emergency right now? Are you in urgent need of divine help? What is that problem on your neck right now? Take it up to God! For more prayers when in urgent situations, see Emergency Prayers for Protection. Call on His saint, Expedite, to come to your aid and you’ll be marveled at his speedy intervention. If you’ll like to know more about saying prayers to saints, read this short but explanatory article This is What the Bible says about Praying to the Saints

This prayer below implores St.Expedite to come fast, to the aid of a person in distress. Also Pray this Powerful Emergency Novena Now if you need help right away. St. Expedite is the Patron saint of urgent cases, financial issues and procrastination. So it doesn’t matter what the problem you’re in right now is, whether missen money or valuables, financial crisis, difficulty paying up debts, accidents, robberies, pregnancy labor, call on him to intercede for you now. You might want to see The Most Powerful Prayer For Those Who Need Help Urgently. Several persons have given awesome testimonies after prayers to him. You can give yours too!

Say this Prayer:

Miraculous Prayer to St. Expedite

“My Saint Expedite of urgent and just causes, please intercede for me with Our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Succor me in this hour of affliction and despair, my Saint Expedite. You who are a Holy warrior, You who are the Saint of the afflicted, You who are the Saint of the desperate, you who are the Saint of urgent causes.

Protect me, Help me, Give me Strength, Courage and Serenity.

Hear my plea:

(Clearly express what you want, and ask him to find a way to get it to you).

My Saint Expedite, help me to prevail through these difficult hours, protect me from all those who want to harm me, respond to my plea with urgency.

Bring me back to the state of peace and tranquility, my Saint Expedite. I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life and I will speak your name to all those who have faith. 


(Make a promise to give Saint Expedite a specific offering when your desire is granted). 

Say One:

Our Father…

Holy Mary…


(make the sign of the cross).

When Saint Expedite grants your request, make sure to return to him and thank him with the offering you promised. Also call on St. Anthony of Padua to save you by saying this Prayer When in a Dangerous Situation. You can also share your own testimonies of his miracles that are soon to happen in your lives as a result of this novena with us on this website too. You should also say these Marian Prayers That Works Wonders when in need of Our Lady’s help. 

We’ll be glad to read about them to strengthen our faith in God and in his Saints. Many thanks for reading!

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