Special Prayer for Healing of Cancer

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Prayer to saint Peregrine for healing of cancer.

If there is one illness which many people suffer, it would be cancer. If you have cancer or know someone who does, do not hesitate to plead the intercession of saint Peregrine. He is the patron Saint of cancer patients. He was born in Forli, Italy in 1260 and became a priest when he grew older. He suffered from cancer for a while but miraculously was cured after a vision he had of Jesus Christ on the cross, stretching for his hand to touch his leg where he suffered from the cancer. Many cancer patients have sought his aid and testified of miraculous healing afterwards. Call on him now and receive your healing:

“St. Peregrine, whom Holy Mother Church has declared Patron of those suffering from Cancer, I confidently turn to you for help in my present sickness. I beg your kind intercession. Ask God to relieve me of this sickness, if it be his Holy Will.
Plead with the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Sorrows, whom you loved so tenderly and in union with whom you have suffered the pains of Cancer, that she may help me with her powerful prayers and loving consolation.

But if it should be God’s Holy Will that I bear this sickness, obtain for me courage and strength to accept these trials from the loving hand of God with patience and resignation, because he knows what is best for the salvation of my soul.

St. Peregrine, be my friend and patron. Help me to imitate you in accepting suffering, and to unite myself with Jesus Crucified and the Mother of Sorrows, as you did. I offer my pains to God with all the love of my heart, for his glory and the salvation of souls, especially my own. Amen”.

Having made this prayer, always remember that God wills for you to have a happy life and for you to be healed of all infirmities, “This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: ‘He took up our infirmities and bore our diseases.” (Matthew 8:17). Do not lose faith in Him but remain steadfast in prayers.

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