The Bible Supports Catholic Use of Images and Statues

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  1. Catherine Abbate says:

    Thank you for this informative article so that I can properly explain our use of statues in
    the Catholic Church. I knew that they were like pictures of our loved ones but for some of my family members I needed the scriptures to show them that it isn’t idolatry.

  2. Rolando Eltanal Navos says:

    Veey well said and supported…thanks for this very clarifying truths…to God be the glory! ❤

  3. Foster says:

    I am a Catholic though but I want to ask:did Jesus Christ not come to end ALL these images?

  4. Andrew Ellis says:

    God told Moses and Solomon not The Catholic Church to create a specific thing an icon that no longer exists but was require for a short time and then was taken away once it had served it’s purpose. Show me in God’s Word, where God said to venerate Jesus’ Mother or His earthly Father Joseph or any of The Disciples make Figurines of them and bow, curtsy, make the sign of the cross before them, go on show me? God said for the people to treat these religious icons with respect not to worship, bow to them and pray to them….These icons were tools that God allowed to help the Children of Israel to keep their Faith because they were easily led astray……Today the modern Christian is required to believe by Faith without signs and wonders or icons to bolster his or hers devotion…..You keep Yeshua (Jesus) on a Cross and teach people to worship the image……NEWS FLASH! Yeshua isn’t on the cross anymore, He has risen and is alive and sits at The right hand of the Father in Heaven so why do you keep Him on a Cross? This is idolatry and should be stopped you are worshiping images of things that are not real and are a poor substitute for the real thing.

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