“I Saw Jesus,” Oklahoma Man Recalls Near-Death Electrical Accident

An Oklahoma man is speaking out about the electrical accident he says killed him – twice.

“I just saw Jesus,” Micah Calloway said. “I just saw Jesus, mom, and dad.’ It’s the first thing that came out of my mouth.”

It’s been nearly two years since the accident that changed Micah Calloway’s life.

“I went into cardiac arrest and it killed me, twice,” he said. “They said I was out for three and a half minutes.”

A typical day on the job went horribly wrong.

Micah Calloway and three other employees for Traffic and Lighting Systems were taking down a light pole near N.W. Expressway and 63rd St. in Oklahoma City when things took a terrifying turn.

“It was too windy out that day and it was too humid that day,” Calloway said.

Calloway says the light pole was hooked up to a crane. He and other crew members were holding on and helping to move it when the wind caused it to get too close to a nearby power line that had not been shut off.

“The next thing I know it was just ‘wahwahwah’ in my head and I told myself, ‘I’m getting electrocuted, it will pass, it will pass, it will pass,'” Calloway recalled.

Calloway blacked out and was stuck to the pole for several seconds. Thankfully, EMSA paramedics were not far away.

“I do remember waking up one time and I didn’t know where I was and I was fighting for my life and I was screaming and yelling and fighting for my life,” he said.

The father of two, with a third child only a month away from being born, was rushed to the hospital. He didn’t wake up for about 32 hours – but not before what he says was a miracle.

“Right before I came to, I saw Jesus – standing there. He didn’t have his arms out wide like this, he kind of just had them right here and he was looking at me. He was just looking at me,” he said.

Calloway says that image is stuck in his mind. “He is beautiful and he does have a little bit of a beard. He’s got long hair and he’s got beautiful eyes. I’ll never forget it,” he said.

Calloway has gone through 13 surgeries for his physical scars and counseling for the emotional. Now, he’s preparing to head back to work for the same company, doing the same job later this month.

He’s nervous but says the company has been there for him through it all. He says he’s now clinging to the miraculous moment to give him strength.

“He showed me himself, somehow, some kind of way for some reason. So I’m here for something,” he said.”

Credit: KFOR

Disclaimer: Prayer is not magic. God indeed answers prayers but sometimes His answer is either No or Not Now. Don't be discouraged when your prayers are not met immediately or even later. Keep trusting God who is good all the time. Thank you.

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