6 Amazing Dishes You Would Love To Try Out This Season

Aside from the spiritual aspect of Christmas celebration, don’t we all just love the fun part? For me, the “delicious dishes” part gets me! Was thinking of some special meals to try out this Christmas and I came across these. If you’re a foodie like me, continue reading to see a list of six meals you might end up describing as “from heaven”.

1. Rice and African Chicken stew

Rice and African chicken stew

This glory you see here is a lifelong tradition of most Africans on Christmas. Spicy tomato stew prepared with chicken or/and other meats is usually eaten with boiled rice on Christmas periods here. Nearly every African home does not miss this. Other meats like goat meat, cow meat, beef, fish can also be used. Some eat this delicacy with deep fried plantains, salad and bean budding (moi-moi).

2. Grilled vegetable lasagna with Ricotta – Tomato sauce

Grilled vegetable lasagna with Ricotta – Tomato sauce

Look how appetizing this meal looks! Vegans would enjoy it as it requires no meat at all. Just a few plum tomatoes, ricotta cheese, zucchini, whole milk and lasagna noodles. You won’t even miss meat when you taste it!

3. Bûche de Noël

Bûche de Noël

Dating back since the 19th century, baking the Bûche de Noël cake for Christmas has been a tradition amongst the French. Cake lovers would be grateful they tried this. Having this as dessert before your main course would be perfect!

4. Cat fish pepper soup

Cat fish pepper soup

This is also a fantastic meal you can cook for Christmas. Nigerians are lovers of this dish. A combo of catfish and other spices, the taste marvels! Some take it a step further by eating it with boiled white rice.

5. Roasted beef

Roasted beef

Looks classy! When you talk of classy meals for Christmas dinner, roasted beef cuts it. Unlike how it looks, it is much easier to prepare. Simply requires your beef, a few spices and of course, your roasting pan.

6. Air Fryer Pork Chops

Air Fryer Pork Chops

This crusty, parmesan coated pork dish goes perfectly anytime, any day. I get it, pork meat wouldn’t fall top on the list of many people’s favourite meats, but trust me, not being much of a pork-lover myself, you’ll be glad you tried this!

I love that most of these meals are easy to prepare with easy steps. I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about them as much as I did. Which one or more on this list caught your interest?

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