4 Prayers for Unity in the World

1. A Prayer for Unity in the Church

God, when I think of places lacking in unity, the church is not the first thing I imagine. Yet, today the church is full of division. Whether the topic is racial reconciliation, same-sex marriage or abortion, churches are not of the same beliefs. God, how can we be of the same body but cling to different beliefs? How can we read the same text and have such drastically different takeaways? Are we interpreting the Bible the way we want or are we genuinely confused? Whatever the answer, I pray that you would help the church as a whole find unity on these various issues. Help us to be clear on what is an issue of the church or an issue of the culture or politics. While each is worthy of prayer, I ask that you would help us to be clear about what is most important. Some solutions we can find in church, others are up to our political leaders.

Where the church must be responsible, I pray you would guide us in making decisions based on your Word, not our preference. If we can find unity in you, surely we can find less division amongst ourselves. You are the truth, God. Amen.

2. A Prayer for Unity in the Government and Media

Dear God,

How can I not feel dismayed when I turn on the news? No matter the topic, the two major political parties are at odds. News stations blast opinion instead of journalism. Interviews function more like interrogations, where people argue and talk over one another. Sadly, these political quarrels have boiled over into everyday living. Now everyday citizens divide themselves based on what they see through the media. I’m reminded God that we judge by what we see, but you judge by what’s truly in our hearts. Please help us to start being more like you. Show us the error of our ways – being quick to judge and taking no time to talk to people who disagree.

In Romans 8:28, Scripture says that we are all sinners. If this is true, and Scripture is true, then please help us to be aware that everyone is flawed. If everyone is flawed then we are all wrong in our thinking about something. No one has life completely figured out. I pray that you would touch the hearts of our politicians, those in the media, that you would reveal this truth to them. I ask that you help them be genuine in their calls for unity. Let their words be spoken and received not just by those who already agree with them, but by everyone. Please show them the benefits of compromising with others, and through the compromise help them to mature and grow in their thinking. I pray that our politicians and media members trade in their animosities for something much more positive.

The government and our culture may be fostering division now, but we can change this. God, you can change this. Show us the way. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

3. A Prayer for Unity between People

Lord, Please hear this urgent prayer. I and all of my fellow citizens are in desperate need of your intervention. The issue of race has reemerged and boiled over. Though racism appears differently today, the issue is still the same. Our society is teaching children to focus on skin color, not on character. Some are labeled victims, and others as oppressors. God, these are not the labels you have given, but labels many of us have adopted nonetheless.

Help us to see differently. While we may all look different there is only one race – the humans that you created. Can you help more people come to that realization? Yes, there are differences in skin color, height, eye shape, and other areas, but God these differences are not the byproduct of us being different types of humans. We just eat differently, have different genetics, and live in different regions of the world. Stil, we use these differences as reasons for division.

God, there is also the issue of the past, where the idea of race first emerged. Lord, there are those who want to hold people accountable for sins they never committed. We are sinners, and some of us are genuinely misguided. I pray that you would help your people to not focus on the past, but the present. The sins of our fathers are not for us to carry. Let this truth change us.

Let your Word bring unity among the people. Make us wiser, more loving, more caring, and definitely more forgiving.


4. A Prayer for Unity with God

Father, as a Christian, the only way for me to be a positive and divine influence on others is to first find unity with you. Oftentimes I struggle day to day, trying to decide if I am going to live for you or for myself. I pray that each and everyday you help me to make the right decision. Help me to deny any ungodly desire, and to always say yes to your will. When you want me to follow, help me to follow. When you want me to listen, help me to listen. While I may not always agree with your will or even understand, God your ways are not my own, You are the almighty, all-knowing, and all-seeing. Help me to better trust you. Help me to understand just how much you care for me. Amen.

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“Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” Saint Augustine of Hippo

Disclaimer: Prayer is not magic. God indeed answers prayers but sometimes His answer is either No or Not Now. Don't be discouraged when your prayers are not met immediately or even later. Keep trusting God who is good all the time. Thank you.

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