3 Day Miracle Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This prayer has helped a lot of people who were in need. It must be said for three days, and the publication of thanksgiving must be promised and done as soon as the favor is given.

Dear Sacred Heart of Jesus,
in the past I have asked for many favours.
This time I ask for a very special one
(ask your request)
Take it, dear Jesus, and place it within your own broken heart, where your Father sees it.
Then, in His merciful eyes it will become your favour and not mine. Amen.

Painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

What is the Sacred Heart?

The Sacred Heart, also called the Sacred Heart of Jesus or the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of the most popular and well-known Catholic devotions. In this devotion, the heart of Jesus is seen as a symbol of “God’s boundless and passionate love for mankind”

In Christian art, the Sacred Heart is often shown as a burning heart filled with divine light, pierced by a lance, surrounded by a crown of thorns, topped by a cross, and bleeding. Sometimes, the image is shown to be shining in Christ’s chest while his wounded hands point to his heart. The wounds and crown of thorns remind us of how Christ died, while the flames show how much he loved.

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