10 Christmas Tree Designs You Would Love To Try Out This Christmas

The Christmas season is fast approaching, what have you got in mind for Christmas tree design? I know a lot of you have been stuck with a particular tree design for years, me too! But maybe it’s time to change that pattern to something more fun. Spice up your Christmas a little this season. Do something new, something different.

This is a list of 10 breathtaking Christmas tree designs you as sample for yours this Christmas:

1. Magnificent tree adorned with red ribbons and topped with an angel

Your tree can never go wrong decorated with thin red ribbons, clad with string lights and red, gold, sapphire, silver or whatever colour of balls you so wish. And yes, the little gold angelman on top!

2. Snow-white tree with pink and gold ornaments

You like different? Here’s different! Decorate your snow-white tree with pink and gold ornaments. Different and glamorous!

3. Go all Silver

You imagined a Christmas tree with a large touch of silver? Using silver balls, burlap ribbons, pine cones and gift boxes wrapped with burlap ribbons totally does it. Don’t forget the gigantic sizes of the balls; gives it the perfect look.

4. Rainbow tree with a star crown

Take Christmas tree design to a whole new level with a colour splatter. Adorn the lowest part of the tree with big silver balls. Going upwards, you adorn it with pink balls of different sizes. Then work it up with red, purple, blue and lastly, gold balls. Then you crown it up with a star, preferably gold or silver. Glam!

5. Bring back memories with your Christmas tree

This is the most unique of them all. While other trees are adorned with balls, ribbons and shiny lights, this tree is adorned with pictures of loved ones. To prevent them from falling off, use thin strings to hang them on your tree branches. Can’t think of a better show of affection.

6. Explore your creative skills

The tree in this picture looks so real and captivating with it’s decor style. But what if I told you that those candles are made from paper? Incredible right? Use this opportunity to test how skilled you are in making art. Make your own artificial candles with papers and have yourself fill up with pride. I love the star on top by the way

7. A splash of colours with fluffy balls

You ever come across a Christmas tree with fluffy balls? Here’s one. You could adorn your tree with huge and little fluffy balls of different colours. Try it and see your living room brighten up with a splash of colours.

8. For lovers of blue

Silver coloured adornments, glittery stars hanging on silver strings, blue and silver balls and sapphire gem-looking balls. Perfect combo for lovers of the colour, blue. Gives it a cheerful look.

9. Love it simple

If you are the kind that loves keeping it simple, try this out. A few red berries and red flowers here and there with tiny bits of glittery light. Looks classy.

10. Glittery Christmas tree

A glittery mix of silver and gold well distributed will have your tree standing out just the like the one you see in the picture. With your gift boxes wrapped in silver wrapping, the tree looks complete.

The Christmas season is fast approaching. Which of these Christmas tree decorations does it for you?

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