The Miraculous Photos of DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY in Brazil that Everyone is Talking About

This year 2020 has been a year of crisis and challenges the world over due to the Corona Virus and COVID-19 related issues that has seen many lives affected in one way or another. On Sunday 19th of April 2020 was the feast of Divine Mercy or what is called Divine Mercy Sunday and something extraordinary happened in a Catholic Church in Brazil, South America.

This is the original post in Portuguese:

Olha o que aconteceu na Igreja de São João Batista em Bebedouro S.P – Brasil, ontem Domingo 19/04 Dia de Jesus Misericordioso a igreja foi aberta para um terço da Divina Misericórdia as 15 h com apenas alguns fiéis, enquanto fazia a homilia explicando sobre os raios que jorra um dos fiéis fotografou e pode ver essa imagem após nas fotos .✝️🛐🙏🏻Jesus Misericordioso! Tenha Misericórdia de Nós e do mundo inteiro . Emocionadissima

And this is the translation of the Portuguese into English:

Look what happened at St. John the Baptist Church in Fountain S. P – Brazil, yesterday Sunday 19/04 day of Jesus Merciful the church was opened for a third of Divine Mercy at 15 pm with only a few faithful, while doing the homily explaining about the rays that gushing one of the faithful photographed and you can see This image after in the photos. ❤️Jesus Merciful! Have mercy on us and the whole world Excionadissima 

The Miraculous Photos taken on Divine Mercy Sunday at 3:00 pm inside St. John the Baptist Church in Fountain, Brazil:


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