Rare Photos of Padre Pio that Most Catholics Haven’t Seen Before – Including You

These photos reveal a holy priest who received extraordinary spiritual gifts to serve the people of God.

St. Pio of Pietrelcina (more commonly known as “Padre” Pio), was a humble Italian priest God chose to work through to accomplish extraordinary miracles in the lives of countless people who came to him for spiritual help. Through God’s power he was able to read people’s souls, bi-locate, and levitate off the ground, and he received the holy wounds of Christ (stigmata) on his body. Padre Pio did not ask for any of this, but was a simple vessel whom God used for his divine purposes.

Here are several photographs of the humble mystic that are rarely seen and which reveal one of the most extraordinary saints of the 20th century.

A young Padre Pio.
Padre Pio speaks with a few soldiers.
Padre Pio shown during Mass.
Padre Pio during a Christmas Mass.
Christmas Mass with Padre Pio.
Padre Pio reciting the Eucharistic Prayer at Mass.
Padre Pio walking among the faithful with a chalice. 1960s.
The stigmata can be seen clearly in this photo of Padre Pio.
Padre Pio visiting the sick.
Padre Pio shown here with the stigmata.

Credit: Aleteia

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