See 10 Sets of People You Must Not Forget This Christmas Season

We’re already in that season we all love. Everyone is important and deserves our love, but there is a list of people we must not forget. You’ll know who and why as you read on. 

1. Your family 

I know some of you are wondering what need there is to mention “family”. I mean, everyone meets and celebrates with family this season, right?…Well, the answer is no. Not everyone makes it a point of responsibility to a unite with family. Some have been away from home for years either due to business, school or even family disputes. If you’re one then this is for you! Family is everything. When others turn their backs on you, family stands by you. Don’t let the season pass by without to reconciling or reuniting with them.

2. Extended or step family 

When last did you visit grandma, your uncles, aunts, cousins? Do you by remember the last time you gave your step-dad, mum or step-siblings a call? Here’s the perfect time. I need not remind you that they are family too.

3. Friends you’ve lost contact with 

Call up that friend whom you haven’t spoken with in a long while and if possible, meet up with them. You never know, you might be the only hope of that person this season. Discuss at length with them and see areas of their lives you might be able to assist with. Could even be a vice versa.

4. That friend you fell out with 

While we talk about reuniting with family, let’s also talk about friends. Call up that lost one you have a misunderstanding with. Asides not letting the year end with without making up with friends, you get to tie-up loose ends and make amends.

5. Your workers 

As a boss or business owner, have you thought about your workers? Like, really really? These are the means of productivity in your establishment. A show of gratitude once in a while can never go wrong. Salary raises, christmas bonuses, packages, hampers and tip-offs are actions duly appreciated by employees. Christmas parties and get-togethers can also be a great way to put your keep your employees in tune with you.

6. That good boss 

Most of us know what it feels like to work with a boss who treats his workers as humans, carries them along and shows that regard for them. Some even take it a step further by providing support and assistance for employees who come to them for assistance on personal matters. They are the real MVPs. Christmas cards, gift bags, hampers would come in handy. Return that kindness to them this season and show them how dear they are to you.

7. Your colleagues and classmates

Did I add that your colleagues and classmates matter too? Yes, they do. Could be your fellow at work or mate at school. Some might have made your stay at your present workplace or school fun and bearable. Spread that love to them. Former colleagues too.

8. People who’ve helped you in one way or the other 

I’m sure I don’t need to talk too much on this. In this merry season, call or visit those persons who’ve contributed positively to your life in one way or the other. Asides warming their hearts, it can incline them to do much more for you. There is something I do on special seasons as this. I compile all phone numbers of persons I know have done me great favours then I compose a long heart-warming message and send to their contacts through short message service (SMS). Though little, this makes them aware that I still remember and appreciate all they’ve done for me in the past. 

9. Your teachers 

Of course, teachers deserve all the accolades and appreciation they can get. This is for students. Get a Christmas present for your teacher or favourite teacher and show her the depth of your gratitude

10. Deceased loved ones 

Finally, let us not forget our loved ones who’ve left this world. I know it’s hard to remember that they are gone but oftentimes, recalling moments with them gives a glimmer of hope. So, set a day visit the grave site of your loved ones, present them flowers and spend quality time with them. Remember, although they are not physically with us anymore, they are still very much present with us. 

So, that was a simple list compiled by me. I hope you soon add them to your to-do list and start ticking. Thanks for reading!

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