Prayer to Dedicate a Family to the Precious Blood of Jesus

Permit us, O Jesus,
to dedicate to you each member of our family.
Acccept each one of us,
and may every beat of our hearts
be an act of love for you.
By the power of your Blood,
may we be strengtened
and sustained in our daily difficulties.
May we be a sign, to each other
and to all with whom we come in contact,
of your life in us.

Bless our home, dear Jesus.
Bless our joys and sufferings.
Bless every moment of our lives
and especially the moment of our death.
After living for the glory of your Blood one earth,
may we have the joy of praising you eternally in heaven.



Lord Jesus,
(on this happy day)
we thank you for the joy of N. and N.
Through all the years of their life
you have watched over them
to bring them together in holy Christian marriage.
Now Lord, bless them,
for they are united in love of you and of each other.
Redeemed by your Precious Blood
and strengthened by your grace,
may they live in kindness and fidelity,
in unfailing trust and love
so that their whole life may be pleasing to you.

Mary, who with Joseph
made a happy home at Nazareth for Jesus,
take these dear friends into your motherly care.
You who showed concern for a newly married couple at Cana,
help and guide N. and N.
May their union on earth lead to that eternal union
in which all the blessed will be joined together,
praising the Redeeming Blood of Jesus, the Lord.


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