David Defeats Goliath: The Victory That the Israelite Can Never Stop Talking About

David Defeats Goliath

The defeat of the ‘almighty’ Goliath by an ‘insignificant’ David may probably be interpreted as nothing short of a miracle, but I see it as a situation in which David’s disadvantage became his biggest advantage, and Goliath’s advantage became his biggest disadvantage.

I grew up liking the story of David and Goliath for obvious reasons. It was always told to us in such powerful graphic imagery. Goliath is presented in such a way that to imagine him being defeated by David is to have the imagination of a fool.

Goliath is super strong with the professionalism of a warrior. Four verses in 1 Samuel 17 was dedicated to just describing what he wore and how he looked like. On the other hand, is David who in contrast you could say is the direct opposite of Goliath. How come, this unprofessional inexperienced shepherd boy was able to with just a sling and a stone bring down the almighty Goliath despite his professionalism, height, strength, and war gadgets he adorned himself with?

Let’s break it down.

Goliath was simply expecting a warrior who will dress like him and fight him in the conventional way that he has been used to. Unknown to Goliath, David was not ready to fight in the terms and ways he is used to, David defined his own term and followed it.

Everyone expected David to fight in a particular way. This was why even Saul the King tried to clothe David with his armor and sword. Everyone looked down on David including Goliath because David did not fall into their definition of how a warrior should be. Everyone was simply blind to the fact that there could be another way and indeed a better way of achieving the victory they seek.

What everyone did not see was what David saw. He knew that where his weakness is, is exactly where his strength lies.

Goliath was strong, but his strength was only limited to fighting with a sword. He is small and weak when it comes to using sling and stones. He did not know that where his strength is, is exactly where his weakness lies.

In many cases in life and work, what we think as misfortune is the best thing that can happen to us, and what we think as an advantage can lead to the worst outcome. I have my own personal experiences in this regard and I know you have yours if you reflect deeply.

Again, and this is very important. David did not only realize what he has but was also driven by a higher purpose: “In the name of God.” This was what convinced him to believe in himself even when no one believed in him.

There are three things I would like to highlight: first, most times, our strength lies in our weakness. Someone’s advantage could actually be the person’s greatest disadvantage. Secondly, if you must fight, be careful not to think that following your opponent’s terms will give you victory. Choose yours. Finally, look inside of you, for in the name of God, you can do mightily

By Fr. Kelvin Ugwu

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