12 Prayers for Healing for a Friend

1. Prayer to Our Unchangeable God

Heavenly Father, we intercede for our friend, [name of friend], who is in need of healing. Please reach down to our brother/sister who is in distress and set them at liberty from ill-health. In the Name of Your Holy Son Jesus, we declare that this sickness is temporary, and we focus our gaze on You, our Unchangeable God. This sickness is under the feet of Jesus, and it is leaving now. Amen.

2. Prayer to the One Who Took Our Sicknesses

Lord Jesus Christ, our most gracious Savior, we are humbled and awestruck that You took our sicknesses and calamities on Your body, and You carried our pain and anguish and affliction. What love, and what compassion; it is beyond our comprehension. And now, precious Healer, we ask that You touch our friend [name of friend], cast out this sickness with Your Word, and heal his/her illness so he/she can rise up and serve You once again. Amen.

3. Prayer to Jesus Who Purchased Our Healing

Lord Jesus, our hearts melt when we remember that You took the punishment that brought us completeness, that restored soundness to our souls and bodies, and flooded us with abundant health. By the scourging which You received, we are healed, we are cured of all disorders and diseases and disabilities. We claim this healing which You purchased at such an awful price for our precious [name of friend]. Raise her/him up to full health, we pray. Amen.

4. Prayer for Divine Healing

Loving Father, we ask for divine healing for [name of friend], who is desperately in need of a miracle. We thank You that healing is provided for the believer through the atonement of Your Son Jesus. You are the same yesterday, today, and into infinity, and Your Holy Spirit is still performing healing and miracles today in and through Your body of believers. We need a miracle now. May [name of friend] rise up today and reclaim full health all through his/her body. Thank You! Amen.

5. Prayer for Deliverance in the Power of the Ascended Lord

Heavenly Father, we take up the power of the Ascended Lord Jesus, and as co-rulers with Him, we assert our authority over the powers of the air. We thank You that demonic forces must recognize and obey you as Creator. We command you, evil forces, to release your hold over our friend, [name of friend]. God is his/her defender, so you have no power or authority to harass him/her with illness any longer. In union with Jesus, we exercise our authority and command you to give way. Leave our loved one and never return. Amen.

6. Prayer for Healing to Body and Mind

Dear Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, all power, both earthly and spiritual, is under Your feet. In the authority of Your Holy Name, Jesus, we come against this evil energy that is afflicting the body and mind of [name of friend], and we bind it and command it to go, now! And even though we are seeing an apparent setback, we declare that this is not defeat – it is a pending victory, as we stand firmly on Your Word and trust Your truth to come to pass. Amen.

7. Strengthen from Within Prayer

Heavenly Father, as our brother/sister, [name of friend], spends time with You in his/her time of sickness, may he/she be strengthened from within. Help him/her remember that You are the God that still performs miracles, just as You did in Biblical times. Help our brother/sister to not give up their faith in Your healing miracle, and to be confident of victory over this sickness. Lord, we pray that Your miracle-working power would be manifested today. Amen.

8. Prayer to Take Pain Away

Loving Father, we intercede for [name of friend], who is enduring great pain and suffering. Help our dear brother/sister be strong in You and in the power of Your might. Help them remember that all things are possible for the one who believes in You. And now, in the Name of Jesus, that Name above all names, we ask You to take this pain away, heal all disorders or disease or injuries contributing to this pain, and bless them with abundant life. Amen.

9. Prayer for a Chronic Disorder

Heavenly Father, I come to You on behalf of [name of friend], who has been suffering from this chronic disorder for some time now. May Your loving-kindness rest on him/her, O Lord, and may You touch him/her with deliverance, according to Your Word. We know that [name of friend] has turned to You for rescue and is trusting You, confident and sure in Your Word, for healing from this painful and disabling condition. May their hope be realized as they are liberated into wonderful health. Amen.

10. Comfort in Affliction Prayer

Gracious Father, remember Your servant [name of friend], who is enduring such suffering, patiently hoping and waiting for Your touch. I thank You, God, that You have been his/her comfort in affliction, and that Your Word has revived him/her. O Lord, I speak out the authority of Your Name against this adversity, that it will melt away, and that [name of friend] will be released from this suffering and enjoy life to its fullest. May this come to pass, for You, God, are with us. Amen.

11. Standing on God’s Word Prayer

Heavenly Father, You have promised that Your Word will not return void, but it will accomplish what You desire, and it will succeed in accomplishing what You sent it to do. So today, we stand on Your Word, as we intercede for our friend [name of friend]. Your Word says that Jesus took our diseases and carried our affliction and that we are healed by His wounds. Jesus, we thank You that You purchased our healing 2000 years ago, and we claim healing for [name of friend] in faith. Amen.

12. Prayer for Victory over Health Condition

Heavenly Father, I rejoice in Your Word, for it is a storehouse of great treasure. And I claim the promises of Your Word for my dear friend, [name of friend], who needs victory over this health condition. Please bless my friend with abundant peace, with health, with completeness, and with soundness. May nothing cause his/her body to be weak or incapacitated in any way. I expectantly look for Your deliverance and healing. Amen.

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