10 Things Not to Say to a Convert

The following are a list of things you should not say to converts.

  1. “I am just so glad you are a Christian now.”

Oh yes the heavens are rejoicing but hey, not all of them were pagans before they accepted the Catholic faith. Some were from other denominations and they already know that Jesus Christ is Lord.

  1. “Oh, you are just a baby Catholic”

Sorry, I don’t get it, baby what? I know about “baby elephant”, “baby panda” and baby any other thing but please not baby Catholic. It is not cool to address someone as a baby Catholic because the person might just feel insulted thinking you are calling her an idiot simply because she just joined the mother church.

  1. “You have done the right thing for your children”

It is true that raising your children in the Catholic faith is one good thing but that doesn’t mean other denominations can’t raise their kid’s right. Do not say things that will make people feel less about themselves.

  1. “I need to talk to you about Vatican 2”

You can actually start by telling the convert more about our dear mother Mary but definitely not Vatican 2. Leave the controversy lecture for another year.

  1. Isn’t sex just so much better as a Catholic?

For real, no one likes talking about their sex life. Just don’t talk about it.

  1. Life is so much better as a Catholic.”

It is true that Catholics have the opportunity to reunite with Christ every single day in the Holy Eucharist but these converts weren’t lost in the wilderness before now.

  1. What was your first confession like?”

First confessions are quite awkward but trust me you don’t want to hear the long story.

  1. “You don’t need to bring your Bible to church! We have the Magnificat in the pews.”

If you say this to anyone, I will simply conclude that you have never read your Bible alone apart from the passages read from the lectionary during Mass. It is ideal to take your Bible along with you to church, don’t discourage anyone who already developed this habit.

  1. What ministry do you want to join? Lectors? Eucharistic Ministers? Choir? Respect Life? Linen washers? Sick and homebound? Food pantry? Coats for kids? Decorating? Which one?”

Give them time to observe how things are done and surely when the time is right they will choose one or two societies.

  1. “The best Mass is the Latin Mass.”

God understands every language, any language used in their locality is just fine.

Summarized by Theresa Frances

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