10 Powerful Prayers to Say for Your Nation

In all areas of our lives, we’re affected by our country’s economies, governmental policies and societal factors. The state of your country determines how your life goes ranging from how successful your business becomes, to the number of job opportunities you have, to the kinds of jobs you get, to the security you enjoy, to the freedom you get to enjoy, even to the number of meals you eat in a day. This is why it is very important that you always commit your nation into God’s care.

Here’s a list of ten powerful prayers to say for your nation. Bow your head and pray:

1. A Nation that Honors You Prayer

Father, I repent on behalf of this nation. We have become people who are only interested in things that give us temporary pleasure. We no longer fear you, Lord. I ask you to forgive us. Purify this nation with the blood of Jesus. Turn our hearts away from different idols that we have created as a nation and individuals. Help us to walk in ways that honor your Holy name. Give us leaders that will lead us towards you and your word. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.

2. Healing Prayer

Father God, we come to you because the people of this nation and everything in it belong to you. We are not here by accident. You are the one who set us in this nation at this particular time for the glory of your name. But Father, people in this country are turning against each other. We no longer live like brothers and sisters. Brother has turned against brother and child against parent. But your word says that if we humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways you will heal our land. Lord, heal our hearts, heal our land. Remove bitterness and resentment from our hearts and help us to live as brothers and sisters. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

3. Prayer for Leaders to Work in Unity

Lord God, you are the Builder of all things. May our leaders work together harmoniously and not get sidetracked by partisan politics. Help our leaders – and help us – not to be divided, but to commit to working cooperatively for the common good. Give our leaders and us humility and respect for one another. When our leaders have different opinions and agendas, help them find common ground and find ways to compromise. Help our leaders to be mutually supportive of one another. Amen.

4. Prayer for Justice to Prevail

God and Father of all, we lift up our troubled nation to you, asking for justice to prevail. We pray for all people in our nation to be treated fairly in all avenues of life, but especially the judicial system. We ask that you raise up judges who are men and women of high principles. We pray for our Supreme Court justices and for each judge in this land to bring justice to those who come before them. May they judge fairly, reasonably, and righteously. Amen.

5. Prayer Against Threats Within and Without

Lord, you are our High Tower, and we pray against all threats from within our nation and from outside our borders. In Jesus’ name, we bind the work of foreign leaders or terrorists who would seek to bring harm to our shores or to our people living abroad. We pray for these plans of evil to come to nothing. We come against all plots within our country – against our President or other leaders or against our people. Nothing that is formed against us shall prevail. Amen.

6. Protection Prayer

Father, you are Lord over our beautiful nation. Nothing that happens in this country escapes you or catches you by surprise. That is why I am here today to ask you to protect us from all the evil plans of the enemy. Lord, by the authority you have given us, we declare and decree that places, where drug trafficking, prostitution, and other kinds of immoral activities are happening, are shutting down. Take charge, O Lord, and let your glory fill those places. In the name of Jesus, we believe and pray, Amen.

7. Prayer Against Disorder and Unrest

Steadfast Lord, we pray against anything in our country leading to a state of disorder or unrest. We pray that we as citizens will recognize authority and obey it, even when we don’t agree with certain things. Help us to use peaceful and legal means to address issues that concern us. We pray against those who are working to stir up trouble and violence and to bring harm to our government and our nation. May we work together in harmony for a better nation. Amen.

8. Honor and Respect for Leaders Prayer

Almighty God, help us to obey your command to submit ourselves to our leaders and our government for your sake. Help us to give honor and respect to our leaders – not just the ones we like, but even those we consider unreasonable or unprincipled. Remind us that the governmental authorities that exist have been appointed by you, and that to resist our leaders is to oppose what you have set in place. Help us to give respect to whom respect is due. Amen.

9. Prayer for Righteousness

Lord, you are our Deliverer, and we pray for our nation and our leaders to turn toward righteousness and away from evil. May we not be labeling what is good as evil, or what is evil as good. You have said that if we seek your face and turn from our evil ways, you will hear from heaven and heal our land. O Lord, may we as individuals and as a nation set our focus on obeying your word and living pure lives. Amen.

10. Love for One Another Prayer

Lord, we are living in times where people do not have love for one another. Most people have chosen to put their selfish interests above the interests of our nation. Lord, uproot these people from government positions and replace them with people who revere you. Appoint people who will encourage us to love one another. Let your unconditional love overflow in our hearts that we may also pour it on each other. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.

I hope it was spirit filling reading through and saying these prayers. Thank for reading!

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