10 of the Best Ways To Enjoy Your Christmas

Have you found yourself thinking of how best to enjoy this Christmas? Because I have too! I want to do a lot of special things this season, you never know if it’ll be your last. Hahaha! Some of us have been stuck in a particular Christmas-day routine for year. The usual; Wake-up, attend Mass, probably receive Holy Communion, return home, make some cookies or pastries, have some drinks with friends and go off sleep. But you what? You can spice up your Christmas a little bit.

Read through to see a list of fun-filled activities you can engage in to enjoy every bit of this Christmas season:

1. Attend the Holy Mass

Now don’t look that way! Kicking off your December with the Holy Mass could be one of the best decisions you make. You can decide to attend Mass daily and ensure to attend Masses on the Eve and the day of Christmas. This would help you connect with Christ as you meditate on His birth. Remember, this is a season to remember His life and great love. So don’t get carried away by other fun activities of this season.

2. Family re-union

Family is everything. The Christmas season is the best time to reunite with family. Call that sister, brother, uncle and cousin who has not been home for long. Have both your immediate and extend family come over for a mini boquet, to eat and drink together, recall memories, tell stories, play games and pray together.

3. Have a Special meal

Wouldn’t it be fun to suspend that food time table you follow daily and prepare something quite special on Christmas day? In a lot of countries, Christmas is celebrated with a special meal. For example, in Nigeria, during the season of Christmas, the prices of Chicken, meats, fish, fresh tomatoes and other stock go up in an incredible hike. This is because Nigerians cool meals like Chicken stew with rice, jollof rice with chicken or meats in such exquisite and elaborate style. Some others even prepare Cat fish pepper soup.

So, surf the net, make a budget for that dream meal and celebrate your Christmas with it.

4. Don’t miss Christmas Carol

Christmas carols, one of the fun aspects of Christmas where you get to gather with other music-loving people to listen to merry Christmas songs from the choir as you dance, wave your hands and sing along. I don’t know about you, but I never miss this!

5. A bonfire at night

One of the most interesting ways to celebrate your Christmas. After you must have had your special meal with family, you can follow it up by lighting bonfire in the night. Family and friends would sing and dance to songs as you all walk around the bonfire, sipping drinks. To add a little more spice to it, there could be grilling of barbecue and blares of cheerful music to set the right tone.

6. Picnic with family

For many, this is a lifelong tradition. Going for picnics is a great way to bond with family and friends. This could come any day in December. But a lot of people prefer to go on picnics a day or more after Christmas day because 25th is usually choked up with lots of activities. You could have a picnic with chips and soft drinks. Cool to me!

7. Trips and tours

You wondered how your Christmas would be with travels and tourisms? This is the perfect season to bring that dream to reality. Think of that one place or tourist site you just can’t get out of your head and start making plans!

8. A Love Fest

Love fest is an event in which people show love to one another with exchange of gifts. Your Christmas would be incomplete without taking part in a love fest. Why? Because this season is a celebration of true love; Christ’s love. So, not engaging in some charitable activity would make your celebration null and void. Taking part in a love fest is a great opportunity to give. I guess I don’t need to add that you would be given a gift in return.

9. Meet up with that old friend

It is only right to reunite with family this season, but what about friends? That friend or those friends you haven’t seen or talked with in a long while, reach out to them and meet up to talk about old times and know what’s happening in their lives. You’ll not only be warming the heart of that friend, but yours also as you’ll feel a rush of fulfilment.

10. Star gazing

This is a fun exercise to do with loved ones, but it goes to a whole new level when done with that special someone. Who is that special person in your life right now? This is the perfect time to spend quality moment with that person you love specially. Sitting on the grass in the night hour, in perfect view of the stars, bright and glamorous. It’ll be so romantic.

You don’t have to limit your Christmas activities to the list above. Explore more ways to enjoy this season. Life’s too short to follow boring routines!

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