eHarmony Faces Backlash for LGBT-Inclusive Ad

TLDR: The online dating service eHarmony is receiving criticism from the conservative Christian group One Million Moms for its recent LGBT-inclusive advertisement featuring a lesbian couple. The group claims the ad normalizes the LGBTQ lifestyle and is urging eHarmony to withdraw it.

eHarmony’s Controversial Ad

eHarmony, a prominent online dating service, is under scrutiny for its latest advertisement that features a lesbian couple in a domestic setting. This ad is part of eHarmony’s “Get Who Gets You: Warm Laundry” campaign, which One Million Moms believes is “normalizing and glamorizing the LGBTQ lifestyle.”

In the commercial, a lesbian couple is depicted intimately lounging on a couch, with their legs entwined and heads close together. As the laundry cycle finishes, one of the women collects the clothes while her partner sprawls on the bed. The scene continues with the first woman carrying the warm laundry to the bedroom. Standing next to the bed, she playfully cascades the laundry over her partner and then bends down for a hidden kiss amid the clothes. The background music, “Lost in Love” by Toodlum Barker & Emil Lomax, sets a romantic tone throughout the advertisement, concluding with eHarmony’s slogan, “Get Who Gets You.”

One Million Moms has started an online petition, alleging that the ad is an attempt to “brainwash” both children and adults and goes against biblical teachings, specifically citing Romans 1:26-27 from the Bible. They are calling on eHarmony to remove the advertisement, asserting that it promotes a “liberal LGBTQ agenda” during family viewing hours.

eHarmony’s History with LGBTQ Issues

This controversy isn’t eHarmony’s first encounter with issues related to sexual orientation. In 2007, the company faced a lawsuit for not providing services to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Linda Carlson, accused eHarmony of discrimination based on sexual orientation. Carlson, who was denied access to the dating service due to her sexual orientation, alleged discrimination in eHarmony’s policies.

At that time, eHarmony had strong ties with the religious conservative group Focus on the Family. Dr. Neil Clark Warren, the founder and CEO of eHarmony, who identifies as an Evangelical Christian, addressed the impact of the same-sex marriage debate on his company. In an interview with Yahoo! Finance, he expressed his exhaustion with the controversy and its detrimental effects on eHarmony, especially after launching Compatible Partners, a service for same-sex couples as part of a 2008 New Jersey discrimination case settlement.

eHarmony’s Evolution

Over the years, Dr. Warren has made efforts to make eHarmony more inclusive and appealing to a broader audience. A 2005 USA Today article highlighted his attempts to distance the company from its Evangelical roots and its association with Focus on the Family. These changes aimed to cater to a diverse audience beyond its initial Christian-oriented user base.

eHarmony, known for using patented algorithms to match singles based on 29 compatibility dimensions, has taken a different approach compared to other online dating websites for single Christians, such as and, which only offer heterosexual pairing options.

eHarmony’s latest advertisement has sparked controversy, with One Million Moms opposing its inclusive approach while the company has a history of navigating issues related to sexual orientation.

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