A 3-Year-Old Catholic Girl with Miraculous Healing Powers

Annice is a three year old girl from Mara in Tanzania, East Africa. Her gift of healing people with various diseases and illnesses just with water that she prays over and pours over the heads of people is causing a lot of shock worldwide.

Annice by the special grace of God has been used to heal thousands of people with all manner of diseases and illnesses that even specialized medical doctors and surgeons could not cure or treat effectively.

Annice, unlike ordinary children, was born in an extraordinary way. Normally, babies are born after 9 months in their mothers womb. However, Annice stayed in the womb of her mother for 3 years. As if that is not enough, Annice began talking and walking 7 months after her birth.

Annice is the lastborn in the family of 11 children. Julius Utieno is her father and Agnes Taabu Julius is her mother. They are Catholics from Tanzania in East Africa.

Annice began to demonstrate her miraculous healing of the sick after she claimed that she was being called by her other mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary. Annice was playing with other children at the time who did not hear any voice. The children thought she was talking about her biological mother.

Annice however followed the voice and entered into a burning flame. The other children who had followed her tried to stop her and when their attempts failed, they rushed home to report what had happened.

Her parents ran to where she was only to meet her on her way back. She knelt down and perfectly said the Hail Mary prayer along with St. Ignatius prayer which at her age she had not been taught. From that day on, her parents followed her instructions. She believes Jesus Christ is her brother. This is biblically sound since Mother Mary is our mother and her Son Jesus is our brother (c.f. John 19:26-27).

Annice does not charge anyone before using her gift of healing on them. Her parents revealed that people who don’t like her work have attempted to kill her many times to no avail.

“Someone once brought poisoned juice and she poured it down. Witches and wizards in this area hate her so much as she always heals those whom they bewitch. One day, they gave her a poisoned banana and the child detected that and she said why would you kill me with poison. The suspect shamefully ran away,” her mother said. It is so amazing to see how God is using a child like Annice to touch the lives of many people worldwide. May God touch everyone through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary our mother. Amen.

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