Christmas Prayer to St Nicholas for Children

Do you love children? Say this prayer to St. Nicholas this season of Christ’s birth!

The month of December marks the birth of our Lord, Jesus. So, in this season, we not only celebrate His birth but also meditate on His coming in the form of a baby. The light, love, graces and blessings that His birth brings to the world. Being once a baby, Jesus connects to every child around the world both as Father and as brother;

“See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:10).

St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children. He is famed for his striking generosity. In seasons like Christmas, he secretly brought gifts to the needy, especially children. This prayers seek his intercession to God for the protection, guidance, blessing and healing of children. If you’re a parent, sibling, friend, relative, teacher or lover of children. Make this prayer:

A Prayer for Children

“God, we pray that through the intercessions of St. Nicholas you will guide and protect our children. Keep them safe from all harm and help them grow to become loving disciples of Jesus in your sight. Give them strength to always mature into deeper faith in you, and to keep alive joy in your creation. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen”.

Father David R. Engbarth, St. Nicholas Church, Aurora, Illinois

Virtually everyone is in one or the other, related to a child (at least). Children are the hope we have for tomorrow. They’re the light needed to brighten the world. This is definitely what St. Nicholas saw in them. Never relent in saying prayers for these beautiful angels! 

Disclaimer: Prayer is not magic. God indeed answers prayers but sometimes His answer is either No or Not Now. Don't be discouraged when your prayers are not met immediately or even later. Keep trusting God who is good all the time. Thank you.

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