Are Catholic Marian Apparitions Real and Objective?

The question of whether or not Catholic Marian Apparitions are real and objective is often asked. While there is no formal process, Marian apparitions are believed to be an objective intervention of Mary to remind people of her message of repentance and reparation. In addition, they are often seen as evidence of Mary’s ongoing presence in the Church and care for her Son’s brethren on Earth. However, the validity of these apparitions can be questioned.

Catholic Marian Apparitions

Despite the lack of concrete proof of some of the apparitions, thousands of Catholic faithful visit reported sites regularly. Catholics can be certain of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist that is available at all Catholic churches worldwide. It is possible that a person will encounter the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Although Marian apparitions have received approval from Catholic bishops, believing in them is never a requirement for a Catholic. The Catholic faith is founded on “public revelation” that ended with the death of the last living Apostle. By contrast, the Private Revelation of the Blessed Mother – the Virgin Mary – is a private revelation. While it may emphasize a facet of the public revelation, it does not add to it.

Various apparitions of the Blessed Mother were reported in Assiut, Egypt, between 2000 and 2001. Thousands of witnesses produced photographs that were later reproduced in various newspapers. The images resembled pictures of Our Lady with a dove in her hair and were seen by many people during mass. The photos were widely circulated, and were reported by numerous witnesses.

Disclaimer: Prayer is not magic. God indeed answers prayers but sometimes His answer is either No or Not Now. Don't be discouraged when your prayers are not met immediately or even later. Keep trusting God who is good all the time. Thank you.

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