A Global Overview of MBA Scholarships for African Students


The demand for quality higher education has been steadily increasing across Africa as the continent continues to experience rapid economic growth and development. In response, various institutions worldwide are offering an array of scholarship opportunities to support African students seeking to pursue MBA programs. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the most prestigious MBA scholarships available to African students, enabling them to make informed decisions and access quality business education.

1. The Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship – Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship is aimed at African students who demonstrate financial need and exceptional academic potential. The fellowship covers full tuition and associated fees for the two-year MBA program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. In return, the recipients are expected to commit to working in Africa for at least two years upon graduation, contributing to the continent’s development.

2. Harvard Business School – HBS Africa Business Club Scholarship

The HBS Africa Business Club Scholarship is designed for African students who demonstrate strong leadership potential and financial need. This scholarship, offered by the Harvard Business School, covers full tuition and living expenses for the two-year MBA program. The Africa Business Club is committed to supporting the professional development of African students and fostering a lasting relationship between HBS and the African continent.

3. The Oxford-Adara Foundation Scholarship – Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

The Oxford-Adara Foundation Scholarship program is specifically designed for African women pursuing an MBA at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School. The scholarship covers full tuition, college fees, and living expenses, as well as providing access to a unique network of women leaders in business, government, and academia. This opportunity aims to empower African women and contribute to the development of the continent.

4. The Cambridge-Africa Scholarship – Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Cambridge Judge Business School offers the Cambridge-Africa Scholarship to exceptional African students admitted to their MBA program. The scholarship covers full tuition and college fees, as well as providing a maintenance grant for living expenses. The Cambridge-Africa Scholarship aims to support the development of African leaders with the potential to make a significant impact on the continent.

5. INSEAD Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarship

INSEAD Business School offers the Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarship to African students who demonstrate financial need and a strong commitment to social and economic development in Africa. The scholarship covers full or partial tuition fees for the MBA program at INSEAD. Recipients are expected to return to Africa after graduation and contribute to the region’s development through their professional endeavors.

6. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation Scholarship – London Business School

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, in partnership with the London Business School, provides scholarships for African students pursuing an MBA. The scholarship covers full tuition, living expenses, and travel costs. The program aims to develop future African leaders who are committed to driving positive change in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors on the continent.


An array of prestigious MBA scholarships is available to African students, offering the opportunity to study at some of the world’s most renowned business schools. By pursuing these opportunities, African students can gain the skills, knowledge, and networks necessary to contribute to the development and growth of the continent. These scholarships also serve to strengthen the connections between Africa and leading global institutions, fostering collaboration and mutual growth in the future.

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