8 Powerful Prayers for Depression

Are you struggling with depression? Do you often feel so lonely? Say these 8 powerful prayers for depression!

Once in a while, we all feel depressed for different reasons. When we lose a loved one, feel lonely, someone gets us angry or when things do not go as planned, we often end up so sad that depression kicks in. For some other people, they really can’t tell why or how, but they seem to be depressed often. Whatever the cause, you can receive healing.

“The is what the Lord, the God of your father David, says: ‘I have heard your prayer and seen your tears; I will heal you.’ (2 Kings 20:5).

Here is a list of eight short but powerful prayers you can say for your healing:

1. A Prayer For Overcoming Loneliness

Dear God,

I feel alone. Please bring the warmth of relationships into my life. Please cover my thoughts with hope. Please send your love into my heart.

I know you are alive in all I experience. May the birdsong speak to my soul, may the trees remind me of life, may the bread I eat nourish my soul with its goodness, as I connect with the world around me.

I give you thanks for all those who love me, for all those who care. Help me to receive your hope in my heart, to embrace your life flowing in mine. I know I live and breathe as part of your family and dwell safely in you.

I know you understand me. I am not alone.


2. A Prayer Against Depression

“Heavenly Father, please strengthen our hearts, and remind us to encourage one another when the troubles of life start to overwhelm us. Please guard our hearts from depression. Give us the strength up to rise up each day and fight against the struggles which seek to weigh us down. Amen.”

3. Prayer when feeling alone

Father, I am lonely right now. You said that you would never fail me or abandon me. Lord, I believe you but help my unbelief. Please, come right now and be near me. Let me sense your presence and peace. I invite you to invade my life and take away my loneliness. I thank you for the promise of your faithfulness. I am so grateful for your love for me. In Christ’s name, Amen.

4. Prayer to be close to God

Dear Jesus, I pray that you would search my heart. See if there is any wicked way in me. Bring it to my attention so that I can make it right before you. Thank you for your forgiveness. Even though I feel you are far from me, I choose to stand on your promise that nothing can separate me from your love; That you are for me, not against me. Help me walk in the confidence of that promise today. Amen.

5. Prayer of a vulnerable heart

Lord, I feel vulnerable, confused, scared, and alone; That there is not one person I can genuinely trust or rely on. I thank you for the reminder that every word you speak is right. I come to you today humbly asking for your protection from those who desire to cause harm, From my own negative thoughts. Shield me from the enemies’ lies. Fill my heart and mind with only what is truth. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

6. A prayer to find a love relationship

Abba Father,

Before a word is on my lips you know each thought, each tear, each joy you see for I’m your cherished child.

I find it hard to comprehend the extent of your love. And I know I rarely see myself the way that you see me.

Lord, you know my heart, you know I long for love. My search is for that special friend. For intimacy, for friendship. For someone to depend on.

I know you watch me proudly as I live each day, each moment. Please cause my path to cross with someone you’d like me to be with.

Guide my heart to take your hand, to hope and trust in you. Help me to be patient until I meet somebody who you know will be a perfect match for me.

I am sure, you want the best for this your child. Amen.

7. A Prayer For Escaping the Pit of Depression

“Lord, it seems as if my world has collapsed, hurling me into a deep, dark pit. I come to you in complete surrender. I am desperate for you, helpless and afraid. Please lift me out of this pit and show me the way, Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen”

8. A Prayer for the Desire to Live

I often feel out of place in this world. I don’t fit in and I’m not sure I want to. Remind me that this world is not my home and while, as your child, I will never fit in here, my time here isn’t over. Not yet. Please, give me the desire to live. When I feel like I don’t matter, remind me that I was created with purpose. When I don’t know or understand why I feel the way I feel – remind me that you know the depth of pain in my heart, in my body and in my being. You know me better than I know myself… and yet you still love me.

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