Why You Should Never Sleep on the Right Side of Your Body, According to Researchers

Adequate sleep is needed, both to help us be physically and mentally alert. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just get a couple of hours every night. Something I didn’t know about is that the position in which you sleep can determine how your body feels and looks the next day.

I belong to a group of people who are always sleeping on their sides. It wasn’t until recently, however, that I was made aware of what happens to the body when you sleep on the left side rather than on the right side. After reading this, I’m sure I’m not going to sleep on my right side.

1: Improved digestion

Because it rests on the left side, it is simpler for the stomach to flow into the esophagus if you sit on the correct hand. However, if you lie on the left side, digestion will work faster.

2. Better for your heart

The body’s biggest artery (aorta) bends to the left, which means that it improves blood circulation if we sleep on the left. On the other hand, if you lay on the right side, the blood must first be pushed upwards, leading to worse circulation.

3. Relieving pressure on the spleen

The spleen is also on the left part of the body. It helps cleanse our blood and reduces waste. Sleeping on the same side effectively promotes its job rather than hinders it.

4. Better for your body overall

As a consequence of both the stomach and the pancreas lying on the left hand of the body, the full system is better served if you prevent sleeping on the right side!

Source: Jesus Daily

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