Walk Daily with God with this Powerful Morning Prayer

To Be Prayed Upon Waking Each Day

Arise, O Lord! Praise God that another day has come. We give You thanks for starting each day with a fresh dose of compassion. Your fidelity and love are tremendous, Lord. I do not know what the day holds or how much work I’ll get done, but You do. Thus, I dedicate today to You. Holy Spirit, Father, fill me with Your presence. Revitalize my weary bones so that I may do Your work. Let the wonder of Your salvation sink into my bones, and let the reality of Your work in my life quicken my spirit. Lord, my brain is bursting with original thoughts, but they’re all jumbled up. In the same way that you hovered over the waters of creation and spoke order out of the chaos, Holy Spirit, come and float above my thoughts and bring them under your control. I ask that you help me relax and have faith that You will supply everything I need to accomplish today’s tasks. You are trustworthy to finish the good work You’ve begun, and as I face today, I acknowledge Your complete rule over my life. You have my complete surrender; please use me as You see fit. Today is Yours. My entire being belongs to You. In my thoughts, You alone are present. You have complete ownership of who I am. I pray that today You find satisfaction in me. Amen.

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