Prayer for Husbands and Wives.

Lord, inspire those men and women
who bear the titles “Husband” and “Wife”.
Help them to look to You
to themselves
to one another
to rediscover the fullness and mystery
they once felt in their union.
Let them be honest enough to ask:
“Where have we been together
and where are we going?
Let them be brave enough to question:
“How have we failed?”
Let each be foolhardy enough to say:
“For me, we come first”.
Help them, together
to reexamine their commitment
in the light of Your love,
willingly, openly, compassionately.
One Hail Mary…

Hail, O Virgin of Guadalupe.
We place under your powerful patronage
the purity and integrity of the Holy Faith in Mexico
and in all the American Continent,
for we are certain that while you are4 recognized as Queen and Mother,
America and Mexico and our Matrimony will be saved…


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