17 Classic and Awesome Baby Names Inspired By Saints Who Witnessed God’s Mercy

Any name written in the English language may be considered Christian, but the names given to infants at their Catholic baptisms are the only true Christian names. Names of saints and other important people in the Bible provide the inspiration for many popular choices among Catholic parents for their sons. A beautiful way to set your child on the right path in life is to give them a name from the Catholic faith. If you are looking for a list of the 17 most popular Catholic boy names, keep reading.

The meanings of 17 Catholic boy’s names:

  1. Adam (Meaning: The one made)
  2. Augustine (Meaning: Of Augustus)
  3. Benedict (Meaning: Blessed)
  4. Benjamin (Meaning: Favorite son)
  5. Christopher (Meaning: Christ bearer)
  6. Dominic (Meaning: The Lord’s)
  7. David (Meaning: Beloved)
  8. Emmanuel/Immanuel (Meaning: God with us)
  9. Gabriel (Meaning: God’s strength)
  10. Gregory (Meaning: Watchman)
  11. James (Meaning: Supplanter)
  12. John (Meaning: God has mercy)
  13. Joseph (Meaning: Increase)
  14. Leo (Meaning: Lion)
  15. Paul (Meaning: Little)
  16. Peter (Meaning: Rock)
  17. Samuel (Meaning: Name of God)
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